Baltimore Commercial Property Buyer Services

If you are considering buying a commercial property, whether it be a multi-unit residential, apartment building, warehouse or industrial property and your thoughts run to calling the agent that helped you buy your house, you are on the wrong track. Why? Because there is much more than finding a property and writing an offer when it comes to commercial property. You need an experienced partner to help you analyze the financials of the transaction, negotiate the terms of the offer, introduce you to service providers to assist with your due diligence, explore state and local benefits and guide you through the process to a successful settlement.

Baltimore Commercial Property Seller Services

Interested in aggressively marketing your commercial property using the full range of social media, traditional methods and multi-platform listing services? You have found the right company to help you. We customize a marketing plan for each listing to achieve maximum reach and exposure. We perform a site visit with you, confirm property details with your local government agencies and gather information from you to create a complete and comprehensive listing for your property. This is not going to be one of those situations where you list your property and never hear from your agent. We will be in regular contact to let you know what kind of interest your property is generating and what needs to be done to entice an offer.

Commercial Property Rental Services Baltimore

We also offer a full range of landlord and tenant services for commercial properties in Baltimore, MD. Whether you are a new business owner looking for that perfect space or a veteran operator looking to take your business to the next level through expansion or a multi-site operation we are able to assist you in finding a place that will suit your needs. If you are a landlord with a vacant space we are ready to offer our creative and aggressive services to assist you in filling your vacancy. Listing a rental is just one part of our multi-pronged approach that also involves outreach to potential tenants and local organizations that maintain lists of potential tenants.

Baltimore Business Purchases and Sales

If you are looking to buy or sell a business and are having trouble finding quality representation in Baltimore, you are not alone. In my legal practice I have noticed that this type of transaction usually falls in the gap. Not quite a real estate matter, not quite a legal matter and it is tough to find a trusted professional to handle the transaction and capable of marketing the business properly. As an attorney I have handled numerous business sales ranging from a $50,000.00 liquor store in Baltimore City to a $2,000.000.00 restaurant in Ocean City, MD. Having prepared all paperwork for this type of transaction I know how the deal should be structured to protect you as buyer or seller. I also know the pitfalls and guide you through some of the more common errors and omissions attorneys and agents make in business sales.