Letter from the Founder

After 15+ years of owning and managing the law office of Heise & Heise, LLP, a Baltimore, MD real estate law firm, helping hundreds of people with matters ranging from short sales to commercial leasing to property purchases and sales, I recognized a shortage of quality and aggressive real estate services for small to medium sized commercial properties. This gave rise to many questions I had in regard to this shortage.

  • Why are there so few commercial real estate agents focused on small to medium sized commercial properties?
  • Why is it so difficult to reach a commercial agent or get responses to property inquiries from them?
  • Why are real estate agents that focus primarily on residential real estate handling multi-family and commercial purchases and sales which require a very different skill set and level of analysis?

After determining that the buyers and sellers in this market deserve to be better served, I decided to affiliate with Douglas Realty to commit more of my time, energy and ideals into the world of commercial real estate.

Maryland Commercial Property

I have been involved with thousands of real estate transactions in Baltimore City and throughout the state of Maryland since 1999 in many different capacities. Too often, I have seen agents disengage from a transaction once an agreement in principal is reached. This leaves the parties to negotiate the contract terms on their own, identify contractors to handle due diligence matters and conduct their own financial analysis. This is fine for experienced sellers and buyers, but many people need guidance and advice that is not being provided. I hope to remedy these shortcomings by using my legal skills to advocate for them as a seller’s or buyer’s agent. I handle each transaction as though it is the start of a long-term relationship that will continue for years. Because that is what I want…to be the person to help you buy or sell your commercial property, but also the person you will call with leasing questions or to discuss your strategy in building a real estate portfolio so you can retire early.

Cooperative Commission Program

Let’s face it, the real estate industry is changing. With the tools that are available online now most buyers are searching for and identifying homes to purchase on their own. While the balance of labor has started shifting from the real estate agent to the consumer the real estate commission structure has not followed suit. Our Cooperative Commission Program has been crafted to address this inequity. In short, this program is designed so a residential consumer buying a house has the opportunity to receive 25% of the net commission we earn in the form of a rebate. That means more money flowing back to the consumer and less money out-of-pocket for settlement expenses.

Douglas Realty

Over the years, I have worked with some of the finest real estate brokerages, teams and agents in Maryland. I considered affiliating with a few of those brokerages, but Douglas Realty won me over. The educational and technological platform that they offer their agents is simply one of the best I have seen. Douglas Realty cares…not just about their agents or the bottom line, but also about you as the client. If there is even a hint of an issue or problem, it is incredibly easy for anyone to pick up the phone and reach the broker. This is a good, solid, honest real estate brokerage with great company culture, and I am extremely excited to be a part of this organization.